Fallout PnP


War. War never changes. When the war came, it affected everyone. With the Tooele Army Depot and the Dugway Proving Grounds to the southwest and Hill Air Force Base to the north, the Salt Lake area was hit harder than some may have expected. Luckily, they were spared from the nukes, but all the military installations, and everywhere in between, was heavily bombed anyway. Many people, including the vast majority of the Mormon population, and a smaller portion of the rest, were safe in Vault 70, set into the mountains somewhere around Salt Lake City.

Today, March 1st, 2190, almost one hundred thirteen years after the bombs fell, Vault 70 is still closed. Much of Salt Lake City, Ogden, and Provo was destroyed during the war, although here in Ogden, a small community has managed to survive. Ogden is a very small town of about 50-70 people, mostly farmers, although there is a general store, a small guild of gunsmiths, and a man who considers himself to be mayor.


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