Crazy, intelligent.


He has no memory of anything before two years ago. All he knows is that he’s very attached to his pile of rubble, located in the remains of northern Utah. It even has three standing walls and part of the roof! Good shelter. Also good for storing his cell phone collection. Yes, he knows they don’t work. But if they DID… Good with technology (He doesn’t so much learn how to use and repair technology as he already knows how to do it).

Tim may or may not be his real name. He doesn’t know. The fact that he doesn’t remember his past really doesn’t bother him-he surmises it probably wasn’t worth remembering anyway. He wears rags. Not by choice, you understand. It’s just that yelling at people in the street doesn’t bring in very much money.


???? Obviously has a tech background. Probably raised in a vault, but how would he know? He named himself Tim after he realized he would probably never remember his real name.


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